Rise & Shine – Morning Yoga Practice To Start Your Day

Do yoga with me - Rise and Shine with Fiji McAlpine
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Workout Style: Stretch Yoga

Focus Areas: General Stretching

Difficulty: Beginner

Total Time: 30 minutes



What Is Included In This Workout

This yoga practice is designed to get you to rise & shine, and get your day started off just right.

In this workout, we’re going to focus on stretching all the key muscle groups, get the blood pumping and get you limber for the day ahead.

Over 30 minutes, we’ll be using a series of stretches and positions that even beginners can join in with, designed to be done at home before you have to leave the house for work.



Relax And Unwind Along With The Video


From Our Friends At

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This session is courtesy of our friends over at Do Yoga With Me. You can find this and hundreds of other fantastic Yoga videos, articles and advice over on their website – Do Yoga With Me. We hope you enjoy!

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