8 Top Tips To Stay Motivated With Your Fitness Goals At Home

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Staying motivated whilst trying to reach your fitness goals at home is one of the biggest obstacles people face whilst trying to get fit.  

The number of distractions in comparison to working out in a gym is far greater, so, here are our 8 top tips that will make sure you aren’t saying things like “I’ll do it later” oreven “I’ll start on Monday”…


8 Top Tips For Getting Fit At Home

  Here are 8 tips to get you up in the morning, get you working out and get you achieving your fitness goals at home. And the best part is, you can start right now, because you’ll be surprised how few changes you have to make to your day-to-day life, other than just giving it a little bit more structure.  


1 – Set a Schedule

Plan your workouts by day, split it by training different muscle groups or by the style of workout. It is all about what suits you and what you enjoy, BUT, be realistic with how many workouts you plan. The worst thing you could do is plan for 2 workouts a day from the beginning.

You won’t complete them, and your motivation levels will plummet!

An idea may be to start at planning 3 workouts a week and go from there.  


2 – Use Your Day-to-Day Calendar

If your workouts are in your diary you use for all other meetings and social meetings. Block out time for you to do the workouts when it suits your lifestyle! If you don’t block out the time at the start of your fitness journey, you’ll struggle to make time to work out.  


3 – Workout With Friends

Create a small group of friends with similar goals and make each other accountable. Share your workout schedule and complete workouts together! These days it is easier than ever, make use of video calling apps like Zoom or Facetime and complete sessions together. Think of it as a fitness class… just at home.  


4 – Adhere to the Schedule

Points 1, 2 & 3 are all great, BUT only if you stick to them! You have taken the time to plan, so go and do it!  


5 – Make Time

30 minutes is 2% of your entire day!

If you can watch a Netflix show for 30 minutes, I’m sure you could workout for 30 minutes.

And if there is one thing that I can guarantee, it’s that 30 minutes of exercise will make you feel a lot better than that extra episode of The Office that you have seen countless times before!  


6 – Create a Space to Work Out

Kind of like having a home office; if you make a dedicated space to workout you will enjoy going in there. Most of our workouts are made to be done in a very small amount of space, so living in an apartment isn’t an excuse!!  


7 – Push Yourself

Part of the perceived problem with working out at home is that you have no one there to push your limits. If you make it a point to do that extra rep, hold that plank for 10 seconds longer you’ll definitely see results… and a lot quicker than you think! Its all about making those small incremental gains – they add up. A good way to think of this is if you feel like a workout is too easy, you’re either not pushing yourself or you need to make it harder. Add a bit of weight to the exercise or ad another set to the workout.  


8 – Start Positive, Stay Positive

Excuses creep in more at the beginning. Having a longer-term goal in mind will help you to stay positive.

I set you a challenge; workout at home for 30 days.

If you absolutely hate it, then stop but once you are in your groove you will soon discover that it is one of the most rewarding ways to exercise!

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